Protect Your Cryptocurrency

10 Secret Methods Scammers Use To Empty Your Digital Wallet

A comprehensive eBook meant to give you knowledge, power and control over your crypto assets and cash held in your digital wallet and exchange platforms.

Written By:
Prominent Crypto Influencer Matt Wallace Undercover Forensic Expert Anonymous T. 

Don't Be The Next Victim of Crypto Theft

Crypto thieves and scammers are destroyers of people’s peace of mind. They ruin lives and cause tremendous devastation. They rob your assets which you worked so hard to build and maintain. This eBook will reveal their secret methods and teach you how to protect yourself.


What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency (or crypto for short) is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography which makes it almost impossible to counterfeit spend twice. A key feature of crypto is that that it is decentralized and therefore not under the control of government.

What To Expect From This Book

10 Secret Methods Scammers Use To Empty Your Digital Wallet

The intention of this book is to help you (the crypto asset holder), detect fraud and scammers while giving you  techniques to prevent theft from occurring in the future.

Protect Your Crypto

The main point of this book is to make you aware of the methods used by crypto thieves, scammers and hackers.

Protect Your Info

With this eBook you will learn how to increase the security of your personal information, preventing the criminals and scammers from stealing your cryptocurrency.

Protect Your Accounts

Social media is great, but do you know that is used not only to steal crypto but your money as well? Protect yourself and your family today.

Website Protection

Fake websites are created to gather your username and password. This eBook will teach you how to spot this type of scam.

Beware Of Emails

Incoming emails are not always legitimate. This book will teach you how to spot email phishing scams.

Digital Wallet Protection

Scammers and thieves are experts at stealing from digital wallets. This book will reveal their methods.


This image is for demonstrational purposes only, the I Can Steal Your Crypto eBook is in digital and not physical format.

I Can Steal Your Crypto

10 Secret Methods Scammers Use To Empty Your Digital Wallet

Authors :  Matt Wallace & Anonymous T.


As you read this book, I ask that you keep an open mind on how scammers can commit their acts of theft. This is your crypto they are trying to steal, and you need to  protect it. Purchase today and download in just a few minutes.

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About The Authors

Matt Wallace is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality who creates high value content for his viewers on multiple platforms.
As a cryptocurrency expert Matt looks to educate and protect investors learning about digital currencies.
He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys the outdoors, traveling and spending quality time with family, friends, and viewers.
Matt loves to help others and is always willing to share his knowledge and time in these endeavors. That is why he partnered with a “forensic expert” who specializes in crypto scam prevention.

Matt understands as crypto adoption grows, so will fraud and theft. He sincerely wants to protect you from scammers and this book will do just that.

Anonymous T. is an Undercover Forensic Expert who poses as a naive crypto investor to discover the latest crypto scams and techniques. 

He is sincerely motivated to protect you and your family.

His real name must remain anonymous so he can work undercover to expose and reveal the latest crypto scams.  

Anonymous T. is a member of the “ACFE” which stands for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of forensic accounting and auditing, he has seen too many lives ruined from the devastating effects of fraud and embezzlement. 

This material is meant to make you aware of the lurking dangers while engaging in crypto currency trading.  

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Trust but Verify?” Anonymous T.’s belief system is a bit more cynical and a lot less trusting and he is often quoted as saying, “Don’t trust anyone, and verify twice!”

A Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Happy Clients

“Everyone needs to read this book immediately! I had no idea I put myself and my family at risk by engaging in some of the very things mentioned in the book.”
- Mathew S.
"If you are even thinking of investing in cryptocurrency then this book is a must read. Why leave your henhouse completely open? In here you'll find we might even have a wolf inside this henhouse"
- Juana N.
"You must protect your investments at all costs and digital currency is no different. As a financial advisor I recommend this book to all of my friends and family. ”
- Ricardo A.



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